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Price of parking per day is  9 (€)

Call us! + 385 91 1884400


Parking lot near airport

Parking lot is near airport. Our friendly staff take over your car after they shoot the car with camera and signing the contract.


24/7 camera surveillance

All vehicles  are covered with insurance policy from the moment we pick them up.


Other services

While you’re on the road your car can be dry cleaned at affordable prices.

Here’s how it looks. Call us 15 minutes before your arrival at the airport.
We take some photos of the car and we sign the paperworks. Additional u can order car wash or dry clean.
Upon your return just call us while u are waiting for your luggage and the car will be ready and waiting for you.

Why choose us

  • Upon arrival at the airport we take the car
  • Parking is covered, vehicles are insured by the insurance policy
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Price per day is 9 Euro
  • Additional offer: (car wash, dry cleaning)

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